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Our best selling turf, hard wearing, children friendly.  Can be kept short as a decorative lawn.


£3.95 m²


All rolls 164cm long - 60cm wide (5ft x 2ft) 1 on a roll.


Our prestigious turf, no rye grass with constant maintenance, can look like a bowling green. Not for the lazy gardener.


£6.95 m²


Often turf is not kept in stock and may need to be ordered a few days in advance to guarantee freshness.  Please see in shop.

Luxigraze® Artificial Grass


Price Per Metre Square


Luxigraze® 20ml Pile      £20.00 m² Premium


Luxigraze® 27ml Pile      £26.00 m² Super Luxury


Luxigraze® 30ml Pile      £23.00 m² Premium


Luxigraze® 32ml Pile      £26.00 m² Luxury


For more information on Luxigraze® products  please visit:

(All Prices Subject to Change)

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TEL: 01472 210001

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