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Our range of circles and features are yet another way to create a look for your garden. We have a circle to compliment every range, which can also be made in any shade that we do. It doesn’t have to be just a circle, Squaring Off Kits are available so it can be incorporated as part of your patio.

Rotunda Special


2560 x 2560 £250.00

Sun Circle

Introducing our new Aztec Sun Circle which gives a beautiful and dramatic design feature to any front or rear garden!


Cobble Sett Circle

Our deep sett cobble circle is an excellent reproduction of traditional cobble sett, perfect for creating stunning courtyard.

2400mm x 2400mm £299.00

Berkeley Square

A unique and contemporary design using our York Flagstone paving range.


York Minster Octagon Riad

Providing endless possibilities for a creative garden feature.  Designed to compliment our Scarborough Mills paving range.

 Octagon 2250mm x 2550mm £240.00

Petite Riad 270mm x 2700mm £270.00

(All Prices Subject to Change)

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TEL: 01472 210001